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- Mobility Scooter Canopy
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Mobility Scooter Canopy

Mobility Scooter Canopy
Sorry Not Available Currently

Fully enclosed Canopy specifically designed for your Scooter.
Individually made to fit your scooter. Fits all mid and large size scooters (like our Grand Tourer and Adventurer 8 Models)
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Postage (single)£15

Benefits of Canopies
Canopies provide two major benefits. Clearly the showers are kept on the outside, but the other major benefit is to reduce the effect of the cold wind when driving. This can affect many people, particularly those with asthma and other breathing difficulties. A canopy will give Scooter users much greater comfort and flexibility. The Scooter really can be used in most weather conditions.
Quality Canopies
The photos above and below show our latest design canopy. Our Soft-top canopies are made from heavy duty waterproof PVC polyester. Clear panels are cut in allowing front and rear lights to show through and a rear flap (or cut out) allows access to the freewheel lever.
We now use additional heat set taped seams inside the roofs of our canopies to remove the small chance of water seepage in extreme weather conditions. These can now be described as virtually 100% waterproof, a milestone for flexible sewn canopies.
In the summer the doors can be rolled back and clipped open like this:

Note the easy zipping doors on both sides . You can even unzip the top of the doors from the inside and roll down the top windows so that you can chat to friends, reach the button on a road crossing or simply to get a bit of fresh air.

All your lights will show for safety and you will still be able to see the pavement edges all around the scooter.

If the scooter and canopy are being picked up from our showroom in Coventry, then we will fit it for you Free Of Charge. If you are fitting the canopy yourself, you will need 2 people to do this. Fitment instructions are provided complete with easy to follow photos. The front and rear bumpers on your scooter will need to be removed and the frame mounting points installed in their place. The frame is then assembled to these mounts and the canopy covering strapped over the frame. It takes less than an hour to do this.
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