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- Turneasy - Fleece
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Turneasy - Fleece

Turneasy - Fleece
A superior swivel cushion designed for use in the car and the home.
Our Price£39.00
Postage (single)£8

The ‘Turneasy’ is a portable swivel seat cushion which is ideal for easier car access. This rotating cushion helps to alleviate back and hip strain by reducing the need for twisting movements. It smoothly rotates 360˚ in any direction allowing easier transfer in and out of a car. The Turneasy can be used as a turning aid in a car as well as on a chair or bed, or as a stand-on turntable for indoor transfer assistance. 

This comfortable foam padded cushion is available with either a machine washable fleece cover, or an easy wipe-clean vinyl finish(suitable for incontinence use). It comes with a safety belt for secure use within a car and also an additional foam support for use within vehicles with ‘bucket’ style seats. The Turneasy is fully portable and can be transferred easily from car to home.
Don't compare this to cheap inferior versions. This is the original and built to a high specification.
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