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- Mobility Scooter Warranty
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Mobility Scooter Warranty

Mobility Scooter Warranty
* Peace of mind

* Protect against unexpected bills

* Covers parts, labour & callout

* No excess to pay
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Premier Care Mobility Scooter Warranty

Protect yourself against expensive repairs after the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired with Premier Care Scooter and Powerchair warranty. If your valuable product has a mechanical or electrical failure you could be left with some very large bills so ensure peace of mind with this outstanding cover.

In the event of a problem covered under the terms of the Premier Care Warranty policy parts, labour and call out charges will all be met.

Please see the benefits chart and read the below key-facts sheet information so that you fully understand the scheme before purchasing cover.


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Initial Disclosure Document

Click here to read the Initial Disclosure Document (IDD)

Customer Declaration

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